Looking Glass: Station 7 Youth Emergency Shelter


931 W 7th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97402

(541) 689-3111



News 08/01/2021: Station 7 will enter a partial closure starting August 1, 2021, for an indefinite amount of time due to healthy staff departures. New Roads will not stop outreach, but will need to reduce its frequency.

Emergency shelter, crisis intervention and family reconciliation services for youth and families.


24/7 all year


Shelter and basic needs services for youth 11-21*, crisis line services for anyone. *youth under 18 take priority and shelter capacity must allow for a youth over 18 to be in a room alone, so if that is not possible we cannot take youth over 18

Intake Process:

Intakes done upon first access


English & Spanish

Shelter Requirements:

Youth must have been residing in Lane County for last 90 days and cannot be in the custody of DHS or OYA


Wheelchair ramp to main entrance, ADA room in downstairs of shelter

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