Eugene Mission Low Barrier Shelter for Adults


1542 W First Ave.
Eugene, OR 97401

(541) 344-3251


UPDATE 12/05/2020 - No new guests accepted until further notice. Low Barrier Shelter beds for men and women.


9AM to 9PM admission for new guests.
Men- closed daily 1PM to 4PM


Guests must be 18 years or older. Guests must be sober, and have not had prior stay violations or time limitations restricting their access to the Mission.

Intake Process:

Men typically enter the Eugene Mission through the entry at Second Avenue and Chambers Street. LTD buses #40 and #52 stop in front of the Men's Mission entry. Meals are served M-Sat at 6pm; Sun at 5pm.

Voluntary attendance for chapel services- 7PM. 7PM to 8PM quiet hour for those not attending chapel services.

Program Fees:

All guests will be assigned a daily chore in exchange for staying the night.
No fee for staying at the Eugene Mission.

Shelter Requirements:

Length of stay depends on availability of beds and which center the guest is staying in. Guests can stay longer based on their individual needs.

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